Looking Over Her Shoulder

Looking over her shoulder from afar, you see our new line of Angels gazing toward heaven with outstretched arms in humble adoration crying "holy, holy, holy" in awe at the works of His hands. Each item beckons you to join the eternal chorus! The first in an annual series of angels celebrating and proclaiming the glory of God's creation is titled "Behold the Heavens".

Also, in a series of annual "snowflake" angels, we are introducing "From Above" which is intended to celebrate our brief time together as family during the Christmas holidays. This angel's message reminds us that as quickly as a snowflake melts, our time with our loved ones during the holidays is just as brief.

Finally, the third angel in our new introduction is "Peace". This line of annual angels expresses God's grace and love inspired by creations in the garden....in this case the "Peace" rose, which together with the cross invite each of us to have peace with God through his Son.

These angels will be available for shipping to retailers in August. And that's not all......we have many other New Designs that we think you will enjoy! We will be sending you more information on these in the coming weeks.

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