Somewhere its Snowing

One snowflake.
Then another, and another.
Falling down.  Blowing around.  And then piling up.
A snowstorm shut down the runways in Denver last weekend for a couple of hours.  This "delay" was  just the right amount of time to reflect more fully on the previous weekend's Thanksgiving blessings.
Blessings of time spent with family and meeting with strangers who became new friends over a shared dinner that Thanksgiving eve.  And blessings of stories about how others were serving and making a difference:
One at a prison.
Another at a clinic.
And another ministering to students
unable to travel home for the holiday
Their gifts of time and attention.  Their commitment to vocations of all started piling up.  Piling up into a blizzard of service.  A snowstorm of daily life falling down and blown around.
And piling up.
And during this Holiday Season, this season of blessings remembered,  this season of thankfulness offered to our loving God, our prayer is that you too are "delayed" at some point this season for a moment to reflect on His purpose in your at a time.....piling up....into the person you've been called to be to all you're blessed to touch during His season.
Jay & Janice