Promise to Love


An open heart, transparent to one another, surrounded by delicate roses and crowned with wedding rings. This heart expresses the promise that a new life together holds with the commitment to one another in a sacred promise to love.

We designed this sophisticated heart ornament for the purpose of commemorating and celebrating Weddings, Engagements, Anniversaries, and that sense of renewal when one says they "promise to love".

The Scripture reference and foundational design inspiration is from Hebrews 13:4a where it says "Let marriage be held in honor among all".   This Scripture reference is back stamped on each design and printed on package side panel.

This heart ornament is approximately 4.25" in size.   On the reverse side of the package panel, the following poetry is expressed:



Your love in full bloom, hearts woven together

Sealed with a ring, love promised forever


Perhaps this is the right time to re-new, re-commit, re-double, and re-express your Promise to Love?  

If you'd like to see additional images of this design, be sure to click through this link to the Promise to Love heart on our website.  



Jay & Janice