Mother's Embracing Love Cross Ornament

Embracing Love porcelain cross ornament for celebrating Mother

As we designed this porcelain cross ornament we imagined a Mother’s love as a garden gate.   Somehow, we wanted to portray the strength and beauty of Mother in one elegant design to commemorate and celebrate Mother's Day, or perhaps Mother's Birthday.  

So this garden gate started to take shape with our pencil, then our sculpting, and then our clay.  Strength and beauty.  A gate where Mother stands to nurture, watch, and protect her precious children who play inside the safety of the fenced garden.  A beautiful garden full of joy and flowers and laughter and changing seasons;  all surrounded by a picket fence, or perhaps a decorative iron fence with fleur-de-lis adorning each fence post.  

The garden gate’s iron fence posts with its fleur-de-lis tips guard access to the garden, as a mother guards the hearts and minds of her children.  

This cross design's purpose is to show appreciation to Mom or Grandmother on her birthday, on Mother’s Day, as an encouragement to Mom after a difficult day, to say I’m sorry, and as Congratulations to expectant Mothers-to-be.  It is a design of strength and beauty!

Every Mother claims this Scripture: "I have no greater joy than to hear that my children walk in truth." – III John 1:4  The Bible verse reference is back stamped on each design and it is printed on the package's side panel.

We've assigned this 4.25" porcelain cross ornament the item number of C4EL.

An additional design element that we enjoy creating in our artwork is Poetry which is printed on the back panel of the package.



Blessed is the mother

who teaches her children God’s word,

and nourishes them

with an Embracing Love.


May God bless you today as you plan for Mother's Day and remember her Strength and Beauty and how she surrounded you with an Embracing Love!

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