Brightly Shining Star Ornament - Alpha and Omega

Brightly Shining Ornament

At the highest point of sculptural relief, the thorns of His crown sharply accent this beautiful ornament which artfully juxtaposes Bethlehem's Star, Easter's Cross, a Daisy Flower, and His Crown of Thorns in one presentation expressing "Brightly Shining".  

Our hope as we began this design was to create an ornament that in one glance would clearly celebrate the Birth of Christ in a way that put His life in perspective.  

We wanted to celebrate Christmas in Bethlehem while being reminded of the purpose of his birth.  We wanted to be reminded of His atoning sacrificial death on the cross bearing the sins of the world in mockery and shame.  

And then we wanted to celebrate His resurrection on the 3rd Day so that in New Life, as a Fresh Flower, when  we are promoted some day to Heaven we will see Him "Brightly Shining".   And what a day of rejoicing that will be!  

This design tells the story of Jesus in one integrated presentation using these four elements: Bethlehem's Star, Crown of Thorns, Daisy Flower of the Field, and Jerusalem's Cross.  We hope you're able to share Jesus with those you love, perhaps using this ornament as an 'object lesson'.

In summary, the Star of Bethlehem reflects the hope of the Messiah's birth as a backdrop to the promise of our eternal future obtained at the cross with a crown of thorns.

On the package reverse, we have included this poetry:

Jesus Christ, the Messiah

  Who is,

     Who was,

         and is to come!

Brightly Shining Star Ornament

On the reverse of this design, and on the package side, you'll find this Scripture:

I am Alpha and Omega, the Beginning and the End, the First and the Last. Revelation 22:13.    


Our "Brightly Shining" ornament has been given design code S4B and is approximately 4" by 3".  We anticipate this design would be used to commemorate and celebrate Christmas, Easter, Confirmation, Baptism, and Dedication.