Mother's Heart.  A blessing for Mom & Grandma

Heart Ornament 3"  (Item# H3M) 

Those special moments pass swiftly by.  A photo and a card of days gone by are all that remain.  Life is short. What will you remember?  What are the most important moments and opportunities that are too precious to pass up?

These are the questions that inspire us at Pure Grace Gifts to design ornaments, annual collectible angels and snowflakes, and home decor.  Products that help the Giver and Receiver, you and the ones you love, express those most valuable moments in life.  And express them in a way that is lasting and of high quality.

More than a card or a phone call.  Our products are of original design, high inherent value of porcelain, purposeful and intentional in their message, and of heirloom quality, handcrafted here in the United States at affordable price points - these are the goals for the products of Pure Grace Gifts.

In summary, Pure Grace Gift's designs help you commemorate and celebrate life's journey, joys and memories. For a complete description of our gifts, see our Products.