Whose We Are

We found recent industry surveys by leading trade press fascinating and very useful. We found a few points most interesting as follows:

Made in China? Made in USA? Where a product is made is making a lot of news lately, with an increased appreciation for domestically produced items, and the perception of a product’s quality being connected with its country-of-origin.

Hand-crafted? Machine made? How a product is made seems to be important these days, particularly as people pursue authenticity in their expressions.

Personality based? Purpose driven? Why a product is created is a key intrinsic component to today’s giftware industry. Celebrating a meaningful moment in life’s journey with a product that fits the occasion is a market force synchronizing a person’s values and how they express those values.

Yes, Pure Grace products are Made in the USA. Yes, Pure Grace products are hand-crafted. Yes, Pure Grace products are designed for a purpose by a company dedicated to purpose instead of personality.

BUT MOST IMPORTANT to us, knowing Where and How and Why a product is made is not as important as for Whom a product is made. You and your loved ones experiencing life together reflecting Who made us.....we are His craftmanship, made in His image, to glorify Him by our living and loving.

May you experience His Love, an Embracing Love, and Rejoice in your relationships this New Year 2008