the Elder-One

Genealogy is best experienced “live” .....face to face ..... with all the Family Tree gathered around a potluck supper listening to the elder-one speak about “back in the day”. In those moments isn’t it clear that the branches reflect the the personality does the soul? The drama and decisions and journey of a family unfold in the elder-one’s telling.....and if artfully done, will be picked up and retold by the next generation as tradition.

For some among us, the stories are simply the starting point of a journey to shake out the truth from the perceived exaggerations of the elder-one’s telling. Many among us find their reward by focusing on facts and data of those days gone by, rather than on the character and personality reflected in the roots of those stories. And we find our joy in the confirmation of facts that shaped the elder-one’s story. As though our discovery affirms and renews our faith in the elder-one’s telling.

Thankfully the Scriptures bring together both these camps by the inspired word of the Elder-one’s stories about our Family Tree. About our beginnings and rebellion. About our deceit and cunning. About our love and yearning. About His protection and provision. About Christ’s coming and salvation. About our reunion and eternal homecoming. At life’s most important moments ..... a birth.....a wedding .....a funeral ....a family reunion... may we remember that Our Family Tree is gathered around and listening and when it becomes our turn, may we be responsible and blessed to give an artful account of His active hand in the life of our family when we become the elder-one.