An Easter Cross Ornament - or 6 of them!

Jesus on the cross.  Jesus in the grave.  Jesus resurrected on the 3rd day.  Jesus alive.  Jesus ascended.  Jesus our returning King.  

Easter starts at the cross.  And for us, the cross is one of the most important iconic images inspiring many of our designs.  We've created six different Easter Cross Ornament designs and amplified their design inspiration, story, and purpose over the course of the six weeks leading up to Easter last year as noted below.  And we encourage you to refresh your joy in the Lord as you read about the inspiration for each of these Cross Ornament designs:

6 Weeks Before Easter (February 22nd):  Restores My Soul Cross Ornament (Psalm 23:3)

5 Weeks Before Easter (March 1st):           Renewed Cross Ornament

4 Weeks Before Easter (March 8th):          Beneath His Wings Cross Ornament (Psalm 91)

3 Weeks Before Easter (March 15th):        His Love Cross Ornament (Romans 8:39)

2 Weeks Before Easter (March 22nd):      Rejoice! Cross Ornament

1 Week Before Easter (March 29th):          Your Gift Cross Ornament


This year, we want to count down to Easter amplifying some of our other designs which also celebrate Jesus in creative ways.  So starting on February 22nd, we will feature one of our designs each week until Easter, as we count down again this year in celebration of our Savior.


Jay & Janice