CAG1 Found porcelain figurine

Amazing Grace how sweet the sound,

         That saved a wretch like me

I once was lost, but now I'm found 

          Was blind but now I see


Hymns like "Amazing Grace" are treasures of our Christian heritage preserved in voice, anthem, and hymnal pages around the world.

We wanted to preserve this treasure in a new way - sculpturally - in the lasting medium of porcelain - in an artistic interpretation capturing the central truth of the words found in Luke 15:24

"For this my son was dead, and  is alive again;  he was lost, and is found."   

Whether wandering or steadfast in your faith, whether now lost or now found, at one point we Christians came to this moment of surrender where we were willingly wrapped in the crucified arms of Jesus in eternal embrace.  

This design reflects the first verse of that most famous hymn, Amazing Grace, interpreted into a porcelain figurine.  We believe this Cross and Figurine design would be used in expressions of Baptism, Confirmation, Re-Dedication, Bereavement, and Easter.

It measures 6.5" tall by 3.75" wide and includes an acrylic display stand.  The scripture reference Luke 15:24 is found on the side of the package.  We've assigned it our design number "CAG1". 

You may find more images of this design on our store's pages at this link for "Found".  As we move week-by-week closer to Easter we invite you to spend a few moments on our designs which we've created in celebration of our Risen Savior; starting with this one!



Jay & Janice