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His Love Transforms

Our very first design we called "His Love".

The architectural background formed by a Maltese cross surrounded by hearts and superimposed with 4 large hearts served to visually express "the truth of the cross and the heart of His Love".

Basing the design on historical interpretations, we saw the 4 Gospels (Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John) in the four large hearts and with them, were reminded of Christ's care and concern and love poured them, and to us!

The scripture Romans 8:39 inspired the title of this design, stating "Nor height, nor depth, nor any other creature, shall be able to separate us from the love of God, which is in Christ Jesus our Lord."

This 2004 design was "transformed" in 2008 to the more "open" scroll work found below, but its message and purpose are unchanged.  Sharing God's Love, Celebrating His Blessings!

May your life by transformed by His Love!


Janice & Jay

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Somewhere its Snowing

One snowflake.
Then another, and another.
Falling down.  Blowing around.  And then piling up.
A snowstorm shut down the runways in Denver last weekend for a couple of hours.  This "delay" was  just the right amount of time to reflect more fully on the previous weekend's Thanksgiving blessings.
Blessings of time spent with family and meeting with strangers who became new friends over a shared dinner that Thanksgiving eve.  And blessings of stories about how others were serving and making a difference:
One at a prison.
Another at a clinic.
And another ministering to students
unable to travel home for the holiday
Their gifts of time and attention.  Their commitment to vocations of all started piling up.  Piling up into a blizzard of service.  A snowstorm of daily life falling down and blown around.
And piling up.
And during this Holiday Season, this season of blessings remembered,  this season of thankfulness offered to our loving God, our prayer is that you too are "delayed" at some point this season for a moment to reflect on His purpose in your at a time.....piling up....into the person you've been called to be to all you're blessed to touch during His season.
Jay & Janice
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Whose We Are

We found recent industry surveys by leading trade press fascinating and very useful. We found a few points most interesting as follows:

Made in China? Made in USA? Where a product is made is making a lot of news lately, with an increased appreciation for domestically produced items, and the perception of a product’s quality being connected with its country-of-origin.

Hand-crafted? Machine made? How a product is made seems to be important these days, particularly as people pursue authenticity in their expressions.

Personality based? Purpose driven? Why a product is created is a key intrinsic component to today’s giftware industry. Celebrating a meaningful moment in life’s journey with a product that fits the occasion is a market force synchronizing a person’s values and how they express those values.

Yes, Pure Grace products are Made in the USA. Yes, Pure Grace products are hand-crafted. Yes, Pure Grace products are designed for a purpose by a company dedicated to purpose instead of personality.

BUT MOST IMPORTANT to us, knowing Where and How and Why a product is made is not as important as for Whom a product is made. You and your loved ones experiencing life together reflecting Who made us.....we are His craftmanship, made in His image, to glorify Him by our living and loving.

May you experience His Love, an Embracing Love, and Rejoice in your relationships this New Year 2008

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In Circles

Are you running in circles? Going fast; but making only limited progress toward your goals?

Last weekend was the running of the annual "Turkey Trot" fund-raising 5K run. Maybe you had an event like this in your town too.

The lead group of about 15 runners missed the sign marking the race route because they were concentrating on each other, on their competitor's pace and position, and where they were ranked among the leaders.

As a group they "zigged" when they should have "zagged". After more than a mile detour loop, they met back up with the stragglers walking and limping toward the finish line. And as a group they wondered "what happened"?

How easy it is to be distracted! Distracted by the competition and heat of the race, only to lose your way with unhappy results. The detour in this year's "Turkey Trot" reminds us to daily ask these questions:

What Signs to Watch? Who do we Serve? Why do we Serve?

Stay alert to the Signs your business generates to avoid costly detours. What product lines are performing NOW? What lines can deliver NOW to meet your customer's needs? Today, what have you and your associates learned new about your customers that you can act on NOW?

Stay focused on Who We Serve. The signs your business generates gives you important indicators of PAST performance; and while useful for steering your business in the future, there's no better method of avoiding detours than by listening hard to your customers.

Serve them. Listen to them. Delight them with surprises. Look to the future WITH them. Special order for them. Ask them what they'd like to see.

Stay focused on Why We Serve. Do you remember why you got into this business in the first place? To express yourself? To create a safe place to enjoy with friends and new-found friends? To minister to your community with meaningful products for meaningful times in their lives? You make a difference in your community! Be encouraged by remembering your purpose and work hard to make more of your day "purposeful".

The "Turkey Trot" lesson rang clear for me this weekend: While watching the competition is important....don't let it be consuming. Don't let it detour you! Watch the signs, listen to your customers, and remember why you're in this business..... Act with purpose!

We selected this last snowflake pictured above, our best selling Fall/Winter item - "By Design", as a reinforcement to this month's "Inspire" message. The scripture reference associated with this item is Jeremiah 29:11 "For I know the plans that I have for you, declares the Lord. They are plans for peace and not disaster, plans to give you a future filled with hope".


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